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I have owned my own business since 1999. I am interested in helping others start their own business and survive it and move on to thriving. I do this through my blog, books, seminars, public speaking, and consulting.

What is the Definition of an “Entrepreneur?”

According to, an entrepreneur is: “A person  who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.” We see them as visionaries and dreamers, but more than just that.  We see them as people … Continue reading

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Honing in on “What’s Important”

Honing in on \”What\’s Important\”. via Honing in on "What's Important".

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A Lesson From Fashion

I own a window-cleaning business. As such, I have retail (clothing) clients whose windows I clean on a regular basis. A few months ago, I was doing this very thing when I looked at the clothes on their racks and … Continue reading

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Business, Charity, or Hobby?

Why do I ask this question? What does this have to do with your decision about what to do for a business? Well, I’m going to tell you: A business makes money for you, the owner. A charity does not. … Continue reading

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Helpful Advise from Zig

If you have ever read or heard Zig Ziglar, you would not get very far before running across his axiom: “You can have everything in life you want, if you help enough other people get what they want.” Think about … Continue reading

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Always Working on It

I posted this in my other blog, almost three years ago.  It was true then; it is true now: It is Sunday night, the day I usually take off.  Even when I am off, I am thinking about my … Continue reading

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Are you doing what you want with your life?

How is your work situation? Are you laid off (or afraid you might be soon)? A job loss pushed me to start my own business. I had wanted to have one of my own since I was 17, but I … Continue reading

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