In 1999, after years of working in the corporate world, my family and I started our own business. Prior to doing so, I believed that everyone wanted to do the same thing, because I always wanted to. I discovered that this was not so.

Most people are not truly interested in having their own business. Sure some like the “idea” of having their own business–being their own boss–but are in no way prepared for what it takes.

Almost all (as a statistical percentage) of people who start their own business fail–that is within a short or medium amount of time after opening their doors, they are closing their doors. I believe that most of the failures can be averted by helping the entrepreneur understand and be prepared for what he/she is getting in to before diving in. I started another blog–Microbusiness Solutions–to help with that. I have developed seminars and I am writing books to that very end–to help the new entrepreneurs understand and prepare for what they will face.

As time went on, my efforts evolved into something more. I came to believe that being an entrepreneur was much more than just owning a business. In fact, someone can own a business without really being entrepreneurial. Conversely, people who do not own a business can take an entrepreneurial approach to their very lives.

I am looking to support such people and help give them the tools to make the most out of their lives’ endeavors.

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